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Review & Synopsis

2002 is one of the many units part of the HK Police Force, but their job is anything but normal.  This special team consists of a duo (one man, one ghost) to defeat malicious ghosts with gadgets like the Get It Glove, Fire Bat, Wonder Water, and Ghostbusting Gun.  Chiu (Nicholas Tse) is the human who leads 2002 and Sam (Sam Lee) is the ghost sidekick.  When Sam's time is up for reincarnation, someone (or should I say some ghost?) has to take his spot as the other half of 2002.  Fung (Stephen Fung), a traffic police officer, was born with an eye to see spirits and was destined to team up with Chiu.  Paper Chan (Law Kar Ying) is Chiu's mentor and foresees the death of Fung to balance out the one-man one-ghost idea.  There are two slight problems: Fung is absolutely terrified of ghosts and he is not ready to die yet.  In the new duo's first assignment together, they defeat the Fire Ghost.  Little do they know that the Water Ghost wants to avenge her death.  The movie then starts progressing on Chiu and Fung's love lives.  Chiu starts falling for nurse Danielle, but cannot pursue her for fear that he might bring her one step closer to the grave because he was born with a "Death Star" that brings death to all those around him.  "2002" seemed to be in desperate need of a love story for Fung, so Rain Li was thrown in to take up some time.  At last, the inevitable battle between the Water Ghost and 2002 must go down, but the ghost has possessed Fung.  If Chiu wants to defeat the ghost, then Fung must also be defeated as well.  The last battle scene does contain some humorous moments, but may be a bit too satisfying and predictable.


This movie was fun to watch, but is also one where you cannot analyze it too much or you'll find yourself with a string of questions left behind.  The love story between Chiu and Danielle was somewhat dull, yet it was also cute.  What puzzled me the most after watching this movie is why did they even bother with the Rain/Fung love subplot?  It lacked, well, just about everything.  I would have liked to see more action because you see about 3 bad ghosts the whole movie.  A lot of people complained about the ending, and I admit it made little sense and could have been better.  Maybe I am not following my own advice of analyzing too much! 


Non Fan Rating: ***1/2
Cool plot, cast, and action!
Fan Rating: ****1/2
Great haircut on Stephen, lots of screen time, but shallow things aside, this character was more...flexible.   Stephen went straight from the cowardly ghost buster role into being possessed by the Water Ghost, showing us an evil side, but most importantly; the capability of his acting.  Note that the two English tracks sung by Nicholas Tse ("Without Me" and "Let Me Die") were both written by Stephen.