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Sunshine Cops



Review & Synopsis

As a propaganda device, Sunshine Cops were created to promote the HK Police Force to the younger generation.  And what better way to do so than to package two young, energetic, and attractive officers to the public!  After an aerobics exercise, a hand-to-hand battle, and a shooting range test, Sammy (Ken Chong) and H20 (Stephen Fung) were chosen as the guinea pigs to glorify the HK Police by gracing magazine covers and doing promotions.  While Sammy isn't exactly sure if being part of Sunshine Cops is the right choice for his police career, H20 is enjoying every moment in the spotlight (making his character much more fun to watch).  Although this movie was directed towards a teen audience (c'mon, Stephen and Ken?), it does have a surprising amount of action scenes in it to keep it from being another average teen flick.  The ice factory especially sticks in my mind.  "Sunshine Cops" starts off great with a wonderful first half, but loses it during the last half of the movie. Why?  When the Sunshine Cops' career starts falling apart because of tabloid rumors, the movie itself also falls apart, because a subplot about Sammy and H20 getting involved with high school kids just does not seem to fit in with the rest of the story.  Sammy and H20 seemed to be at competition to win the affections of a 16 yr. old girl named Katy (Angelica Lee).  Now, why exactly are two twenty-something cops trying to court this girl?  I have no idea.  One of the reasons why Sunshine Cops was being dismissed was because of the false rumors saying that they stalked younger girls!  Unfortunately, this rumor was too close from the truth.  But I guess this is what the writers had in mind to tie the whole movie together because the last action sequence took place inside Katy's high school where the kids were throwing a party.  Nevertheless, this movie is worth watching!

Non fan rating: ***1/2
As stated above.  Watch it for the humor and action scenes.
Fan rating: ****
Stephen's the lead doing lots of physical stuff.  His character H20 is a joy to watch and check out his trampoline moves!  Also, listen for Track 4 from "Love Not Enough" in the background!