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Review & Synopsis

Lun (Stephen Fung) and his buddies, Sammy and Shi, spend their carefree summer as boat workers hanging out and chasing girls.  Lun is quite the ladies man, but all that is about to change.  One night, he sees his high school crush, Siu Yuet (Bobo Chan), on the beach.  This brings back memories of innocent love during their high school days and Lun has never been able to forget her, so he made up his mind to find her.  After calling many old classmates, the trio locate Siu Yuet's best friend, Fanny, and she tells them that Siu Yuet is dead.  A high school misunderstanding between her and Lun drove Siu Yuet to suicide.  Feeling that he must compensate her death, Lun and his friends follow the orders of Siu Yuet's ghost to do whatever she pleases.  Slowly, the three boys discover that Siu Yuet's death was just a joke that had gone too far.  Siu Yuet finds herself falling for Lun and ignoring her boyfriend, Ronald.  This is where the irony kicks in, things get complicated, and Siu Yuet actually does die.  This time, her ghost comes back and tells Lun how to solve her murder.  The ending is bittersweet with Lun sending Siu Yuet ghost love letters each day (hence the Chinese title), but are separated by the ghost/human world. 

The twists and turns of the plot trys to make this movie a thriller, but it was a bit too predictable at times to actually keep the audience guessing.  "Shadow" seemed to be a mixture of romance/humor/ghost all thrown together and it doesn't excel in any of them. 

Non fan rating: **1/2
Watchable, but not memorable.
Fan rating: ***
Stephen's the lead character with some good lines.  Some of the high school flashbacks will get a laugh out of you!