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Forbidden Nights (1990)
Summer Snow (1995)
The Log (1996)
He Comes From Planet K (1997)
First Love Unlimited (1997)
Cheap Killers (1998)
The Poet (1998)
Bishonen (1998)
Sunshine Cops (1999)
Metade Fumaca (1999)
Gorgeous (1999)
Gen-X-Cops (1999)
Dragon Heat (2000)
Bio-Cops (2000)
Twelve Nights (2000)
Gen-Y-Cops (2000)
Un Baiser Vole (2000)
Heroes In Love (2001)-director
My Schoolmate The Barbarian (2001)
La Brassiere (2001)
Shadow (2001)
The Avenging Fist (2001)
2002 (2001)
Devil Face, Angel Heart (2002)
The Irresistable Piggies (2002)
Conman 2002 aka God of Gamblers (2002)
Women from Mars (2002)
Haunted Office (2002)

TV Series

The Green Hope (2000)
Healing Hearts (2000)


Movie: Heroes In Love (2001)
Music Video: Karen Mok "Dung Chi" or "Winter Solstice" (2001)
Music Video: Nicholas Tse "Heung Sui" or "Perfume" (2001)


Starry Journey-Egypt (2001)

Webmaster's Personal Favorite!


Why Green Hope? Simply put, this series is an absolute classic in my eyes. It involves lessons in love, music, sacrifice, and to keep it short, life in general. The plot is unique and different from anything TVB has done before. I've been watching TVB series all my life and it's always the same actors over and over again playing the same type of characters. Green Hope features fresh new faces straight out of the talent pool. Stephen plays the main character, Fong Ka Him, who suffers from mental illness. His illness leads the society to avoid him, or worse, ignorance and intolerance. Throughout the episodes, you will find Stephen's acting very believeable and his character development is excellent. Also giving a great performance is the longtime actor Bowie Lam who plays Ka Him's older brother, Fong Ka Fai. Joey Yung and Cathy Tsui are also in the series (the first for both) and a love triangle is created. There are about a million subplots also going on in the story that are interesting to follow. Some complain that the ending was rushed, showing just photographs of Stephen and Joey's wedding. I disagree. Just about every other TVB series ends with a wedding scene, and I think Green Hope's ending was memorable and done with taste. Overall, this series was wonderfully put together and (dare I say it?) done with morals and a lot of heart. Might I also add, Stephen wrote the themesong himself to Green Hope and the music played in the series is far better than the usual.